IMERUAT is a prominent music group formed by composer Masashi Hamauzu and vocalist Mina. Known around the world for his compositions for popular video games, among them Final Fantasy XIII, Hamauzu has earned a reputation among contemporary Japanese musicians as a master of his craft. He is joined by Mina, whose training is reflected in her exceptional vocal style and research into her Ainu ancestry. Her knowledge of traditional instruments is informed by a deep respect for the culture of Japan’s indigenous peoples. After years of preparation, the duo's collaboration has culminated in the creation of the music series IMERUAT. (In the Ainu language, the name carries the meaning "Flash of light.") Already the unique combination of Hamauzu's progressive compositional style and Mina's vocals have impressed audiences during concerts taking place in Poland, France, United States, Switzerland and Japan, garnering recognition among international audiences.

2011年結成。「FINAL FANTASY XIII」などの作曲者で、先進的な和声とサウンドで世界的にも知られる浜渦正志と、カラフルな歌声を持ち自らのルーツであるアイヌの伝統音楽と楽器を奏でるMinaによるユニット。IMERUATはアイヌ語で「稲光が光る」という意味。2011年5月にファーストマキシシングル「IMERUAT」を発売し、ポーランドの第4回フィルムミュージックフェスティバルでの単独ライブでデビュー、フランス、日本でもライブを行い高い支持を得る。2012年3月に川崎CLUB CITTA'で行われた「ファンタジーロックフェス2012」で圧倒的な存在感を示し、4月にはファーストアルバム「Black Ocean」を発売、予約が殺到し即日完売状態となる。その後もアメリカ、東京、大阪、スイスなどでのライブを次々と成功させ、またコンテンポラリーダンスイベントの開催、Book付きCD「Propelled Life」(2014年)の発表、映像作品の制作など、様々な趣向を凝らしながら精力的に活動している。2017年、3年ぶりとなるアルバム「Far Saa Far」を発表。シカゴ公演を経て、国内7都市で初のライブツアーを行い大成功を収める。2019年には浜渦監督による超問題作ミュージックビデオ「暗殺したい!」を公開。同年、東京の他、帯広、パリ、ケルンで開催。2021年から北海道十勝に新拠点を建設開始。4thアルバムの発表も予定している。

Vocal, Mukkur, Tonkori and Dance
Born in Obihiro, Hokkaido. 北海道帯広市出身
Date of Birth : 1983.1.5

Masashi Hamauzu 浜渦正志
Compose, Piano, MV and Design
Born in München. ミュンヘン出身
Date of Birth : 1971.9.20

? 4th Album

10/19 [Live] (Köln, Germany)
10/17 [Live] (Paris, France)
10/9 [Live] (Obihiro, Japan)
8/12 [Live] IMERUAT NO DAIBOKEN Vo.3 (Tokyo, Japan)
7/1 [Music Video] "暗殺したい! - I want to Assassinate"
6/9 [Live] IMERUAT NO DAIBOKEN Vo.2 (Tokyo, Japan)
4/22 [Taiso] Vol.16 Istanbul, Turkey
4/20 [Taiso] Vol.15 Kuwait City, Kuwayt
4/7 [Live] IMERUAT NO DAIBOKEN Vo.1 (Tokyo, Japan)
2/24 [Event] Cafe IMERUAT Vol.3 (Tokyo, Japan)

9/7 [Event] 新作MV「暗殺したい!」完成披露パーティー(Tokyo)
5/20,21 [Event] 純喫茶ルフルール Cafe IMERUAT 2 (Tokyo, Japan)
1/8 [Live] イメルア新春雷鳴大劇場(Tokyo)

12/3 [Live] Far Saa Far Live Tour - Caravan(Nagoya)
12/2 [Live] Far Saa Far Live Tour - Caravan(Kanazawa)
11/25 [Live] Far Saa Far Live Tour - Caravan(Sendai)
11/11 [Live] Far Saa Far Live Tour - Live(Sapporo)
10/28 [Live] Far Saa Far Live Tour - Live(Amagasaki)
10/21 [Live] Far Saa Far Live Tour - Live(Tokyo)
10/15 [Live & Event] Far Saa Far Live Tour - Festival(Obihiro)
5/19-21 [Live] Anime Central (Chicago, USA)
4/30 [Event] Cafe IMERUAT (Tokyo, Japan)
4/21 [CD Release] "Far Saa Far" Album Buy Now! >>>
4/21 [Music Video] "ルフルール"
3/4 [Live] AINU FANTASY (Muroran, Hokkaido, Japan)
3/1 [Music Video] "ぽろろろろろろ"
2/12 [Music Video] "のみたいな"

11/27 [Taiso] Vol.14 Obihiro, Hokkaido, Japan
11/26 [Taiso] Vol.13 BANEI Keiba, Obihiro, Hokkaido, Japan
10/23 [Taiso] Vol.12 Koma, Saitama, Japan
6/11 [Taiso] Vol.11Göteborg, Sweden

9/19 [Live] IMERUAT & STELLA LEE JONES Joint Live (Tokyo, Japan)
8/? [Taiso] Vol.10 Europa
8/14, 15 [Live] RISIGN SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2015 in EZO (Hokkaido, Japan)
8/3 [Concert] Festa Sumeer Musa Kawasaki 2015 "Giant"
7/26 [Soundcloud] "FLAKES TB"
7/25 [Taiso] Vol.9 Setagaya, Tokyo
7/25 [Live] ミナ・ポニーカの革命前夜 (Tokyo, Japan)特設サイト / Report
7/10 [Soundcloud] "のみたいな"
3/21 [Taiso] Vol.8 Nakano, Tokyo
1/31 [Taiso] Vol.7 Okhotsk, Hokkaido
1/16 [Taiso] Vol.6 Studio Colorido (Shinagawa, Tokyo)

10/30-11/2 [Live] Oni-Con (Galveston, Texas, USA)
10/29 [Video] Maikig Video of Giant
10/12 [Taiso] Vol.5 Taipei, Taiwan
8/24 [Taiso] Vol.4 Seattle, USA
8/24 [Live] IMERUAT Live (Seattle, USA) Buy Now! >>>
8/20 [Music Video] "Battaki"
6/14 [Taiso] Vol.3 Yokohama
6/1 [Taiso] Vol.2 Hirakata & Neyagawa, Osaka
5/13 [Taiso] Vol.1 Sapporo
2/14 [Music Video] "イメルア体操第四十勝全市町村版"
2/12 [CD Release] "Propelled Life" Album Buy Now! >>>
1/12 [Music Video] "TeNiOE"
1/11 [Live] HAPPY NEW IMERUAT (Tokyo, Japan)Photos

11/23 [Live] Tribute to FINAL FANTASY XIII Series (Hong Kong)
11/21 [TV CM] "Crimson Blitz" Lightning Returns FFXIII
11/20 [Music Video] "イメルア体操第四"
7/6 [Live] CAFE IMERUAT (Tokyo, Japan)Report
7/6 [Live] THEATER IMERUAT (Tokyo, Japan)特設サイト / Report
4/22 [Music Video] "Left"
4/5 [Live] 空想音楽博物館Vo.6 (Tokyo, Japan)
3/7 [Music Video] "Giant"

12/2 [Live] IMERUAT Live (Toulouse, France)
11/26 [Live] IMERUAT Live (Paris, France)
8/16 [Live] Rock Altitude Festival (Le Locle, Switzerland) Photos
7/23 [Live] IMERUAT Live - "Departure to Black Ocean" at umeda AKASO (Osaka, Japan) Photos
7/15 [Live] IMERUAT Live - "Departure to Black Ocean" at Star Pine's Cafe (Tokyo, Japan) Photos
5/15 [Music Video] "Black Ocean"
5/3 [Music Video] "Haru no Kasumi"
4/29 [Live] "Anime Central" with Video Game Orchestra (Chicago, USA)
4/25 [CD Release] "Black Ocean" Album Buy Now! >>>
3/17,18 [Live] "Fantasy Rock Fes 2012" at CLUB CITTA' (Kawasaki, Japan) Photos
1/7 [Music Video] "Imeruat"

10/6 [Live] IMERUAT Live at ALWAYS (Amagasaki, Japan)
7/31 [Live] IMERUAT Live at KIWA (Tokyo, Japan)
5/23 [Live] IMERUAT Live at Le Fleurus (Paris, France)
5/22 [Live] Masashi Hamauzu Concert (Paris, France)
5/20 [Live] 4th Film Music Festival (Krakow, Poland)
5/19 [CD Release] "IMERUAT" Maxi Single
2011 Live Photos